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I ❤ to create appealing stuff

Hello, I am Joris.

Software developer

Software development is my game (The Right Way™) but I also have basic skills in image editing, vector drawing and 3D-modelling.

The Why

I developed (web)applications for many companies . Went from junior (Delphi-)developer to technical lead at two companies, but now it is time to follow my own dreams instead of pursuing the dreams of others. It is nice to work for an employer (steady salary!) and they were all nice'n'shizzle (and they seemed to like me and still do because sometimes they hire me), but it kept interfering with my dreams.

Personality and Objective

I describe myself as a calm person and try to reflect it on others as well. I am very passionate about my profession and almost dream in code. I am also eager to learn and always looking for ways to improve my work or to make business more efficiently.


The site itself is part of my playground where I like to experiment. Some examples:

  • search indexing (using td-idf)
  • CI
  • CD
  • front-end technology
  • endless fiddling
  • etc.