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For a recent project I was introduced to Playwright. It promises reliable end-to-end testing for web applications. After initially being skeptical (due to experiences with other test automation tools), I was soon amazed by the ease of use and stability.

In a nutshell

The installation worked flawlessly and the interactive running mode (playwright test --ui) provides immediate insight into how a test runs. The interactive generation of code for tests (playwright codegen) also works very well without generating bloat.

A little caveat

At first I didn’t realize that:

This implies that the following assertions can both be true if you are testing a dynamic page:1

await page.goto('/')
const sections = page.locator('section')

await expect(sections).toHaveCount(1)
await expect(sections).toHaveCount(0)

The above test will pass if there is initially a single section on the page and it is later removed by the tested application. I was surprised!


All in all, Playwright is a pleasant discovery for me!


  1. I used TypeScript here, but Playwright supports multiple languages.