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I do fixed-price projects in the field of 2D/3D visualization, integration, APIs, reverse engineering of file formats, writing components and many more.

I prefer short iterations, consequently small prices and believe that each iteration should add real value.

My upcoming product

I am currently working on a tool to accelerate the development of business applications; no CRUD required. Work name: Pretzels.

Please contact me if you would like to co-invest in this project in any way; moral support, financially, software development, marketing, writing documentation, design, usability tests etc. You'll be rewarded!


I am Joris Zwart. Creating stuff using my skills in software development is my game.

In my spare time I meditate by pixeling and coding on the Commodore 64.

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My location

I live in a small village near Nijmegen in the Netherlands with my lovely family. Karl Marxstraat 9 6663 LA Lent The Netherlands

My way of working

Go and JavaScript/TypeScript are my languages of choice, but I also have 20+ years of experience with C# / .NET and Java. SQLite is my favorite database engine, but I make sure it can be migrated easily to other vendors (if you want to scale up). I believe in broadening my horizon by exploring multiple software paradigms and programming languages.

You can read more about my software development philosophy in my way of working.

My recent work