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Sharp as a knife!


Tetris writting using Blazor/WASM/C#.

“Gigabytes of fun in only 22 megabytes.”

(poetic freedom for my friend Gn0ek)

Play it! Source code


Use cursor keys SPACE or I J K L M SPACE to control the game.

Minimal template

dotnet new blazorwasm

Stripped out bootstrap, weathercontroller, Layouts, Pages, Routing etc. You can use this as a minimal template which custom components with code-behind (original template does uses @code blocks inline). However if you need more than this really Single Page App, do not look further than ‘dotnet new blazorwasm’.



Depending on your use case, ~22 MB over the line might be a lots of bytes. (the optimized wasm-tools build is smaller)

Version history

Date What
Apr 5 2024 08:57:41 Upgraded .NET 7 → .NET 8, refactor to use .NET 8 features
Aug 28 2023 15:19:10 Initial version