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This is a version of Tetris written using the React framework.

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Until now, my React experience has been limited to a small experiment1.

However a vacancy from the dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) triggered me :-) They asked for a Frontend React developer Tetris2. I applied so quickly that I forgot to fill out most of the application form :-(

I was turned down (quite rightly given my lack of React experience), but the idea of Tetris in React didn’t let go and I opened my IDE… and here it is!


Use cursor keys SPACE or I J K L M SPACE to control the game.

You probably need a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, (non-legacy) Edge or Safari to play it.

Build & Run

npm install
npm run test
tsc             # for verification (which esbuild does not do)
npm run build


(I handcoded the config files because I want to truely understand what they do, this implies there could be a slip through and unneeded packages are inclued)

Version history

Date Description
2022-08-02 10:52:58 JavaScript version
2022-08-26 17:14:55 TypeScript version

My philosophy

A languageframework a year keeps the doc away!


  1. rascal. This was a PoC to show how to do React binding with three.js and loading Collada models. Didn’t got the job either. Story of my life :-)
  2. I should learn to read the full page instead of only the title.