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Planon Self-service is a web front-end for the Planon Facility Management Software. It was also known as FacilityNet and PlanonNet.

What I did

As a member of the Planon Self-service (PSS) team I was responsible for implementing new features, technical designs, maintenance and testing. A short list of things I implemented:

About Planon Self-service

Planon FacilityNet is a web application for self-service facility management.

About the FacilityNet Team

For almost 4 years I worked within a great team that delivered great performance. In 40 sprints we missed 2 deadlines and then only by a few days. This is real evidence that Agile/SCRUM works (at least for me and in that place).

About Planon

Planon is a former employer of mine. Planon Software is used by some of the world’s leading organizations. Providing tangible benefits to more than 1,800 customers across 40 countries, Planon maintains a global reputation as the leading provider of facility management and real estate software solutions.