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100 lines Hacker News client

This is a Hacker News client in less than 100 lines of code. Using ES2018 it was easy to make it both small and readable.

Demo Source code


I cheated a little bit by off loading the stylesheet and search to external files but everything works fine without them.

Hacker News Features

Supported Hacker News features are:


Standalone version can be found I use it on a daily basis.

For use on your website it can be used as a widget:

<main class="hn"></main>
<script src="hn.js" type="module"></script>

Search plugin

Search is available using a plugin. It uses HN Algolia API.

<script src="search.js" type="module"></script>

After some code golf on search.js and hn.js they could be merged.

HTML5 features

ES2018 features used

Most features were already available in earlier versions of JavaScript but since they are part of a new paradigm I want to mention them.

Error handling

The adagium “throw early, catch late!” works for me but not that great for async / await. If you forget to await an async function, errors are not caught. The same was true for Promises of course. In both cases you can use the unhandledrejection event, but I don’t like it :-)

Maybe some linter could be of use?

Browser support

Browser support is pretty good actually. Current (d.d. 2 nov 2019) versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari do fine.


File Description
hs.css styling for navigation (ugly and optional)
hn.html small HTML stub
hn.js the magic