“A language a year keeps the doc away!”

This is work in progress. Everything apart from the scoring works.

Play it! Source code


Use cursor keys SPACE or I J K L M SPACE to control the game.


Use to build it. A JVM version will follow.

Source code

Name Type Last modified Size
[lib] Folder 20 March -
browser.kt Kotlin 20 March 66 BytesDownload View Shell script 20 March 117 BytesDownload View Shell script 20 March 80 BytesDownload View
kotlintris.html HTML 20 March 584 BytesDownload View
kotlintris.js JavaScript 20 March 8.1 KBDownload View
kotlintris.kt Kotlin 20 March 6.3 KBDownload View
main.kt Kotlin 20 March 67 BytesDownload View
tetris.css Stylesheet Nov ’16 1.0 KBDownload View
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