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A language a year keeps the doc away!

Don’t be fooled by the name TypeTris. There is no actual typing involved.

As promised in the Duotris PoC here it is. A cleaner version of JavaScript Tetris in 1.5 kB.

The source code contains a few classes and ~ 330 lines of code. So if you are familiar with TypeScript or Tetris you can easily read along and learn one or the other.

Play it! Source code Download ZIP


Use cursor keys SPACE or I J K L M SPACE to control the game.
P to pause.

Build & run

$ tsc

Then open typetris.html in your browser.


A word about browser compatibility

This project use the TypeScript compiler to transpile TypeScript → ES6. So it works in current browsers:

Internet Explorer is not a target (well, not in that way).

Used & unused TypeScript features

I think the best way to learn the basics of a language is just do it™ but it implies overseeing important parts of a language.

I used tslint though with some rules to my liking (see tslint.json), I would like to hear from you about how to do things in an idiomatic way.

Except TypeScript’s type system there is much more but I hesitated to use mixins, decorators, modules, etc. but show me if you know good use for them.

The polymorphic renderer

Rendering is implemented by adhering to IRenderer which has only two methods (draw and score). A default renderer CanvasRenderer is provided, but you can implement your own (e.g. DOMTableRenderer, WebGLRenderer or ASCIIRenderer) by implementing those two methods.

Source code

Name Type Last modified Size
tsconfig.json JSON Jan ’20 134 bytesPreview Download
tslint.json JSON Jan ’20 416 bytesPreview Download
typetris.html HTML Mar ’20 303 bytesPreview Download
typetris.js JavaScript Jun ’20 9.6 kBPreview Download map file Jun ’20 12.8 kBPreview Download
typetris.png PNG image Jan ’20 5.0 kBPreview Download
typetris.svg SVG image Dec ’21 2.4 kBPreview Download
typetris.ts TypeScript Jun ’20 10.4 kBPreview Download Zip archive Jun ’20 12.5 kBPreview Download
9 files 53.7 kB