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A language a year keeps the doc away!

The famous block game written in Go compiled to WASM. This is significant because this implies that you can run Go programs in the browser.

It is a quick port from TypeTris.

Play it! Main source code Download ZIP


Use cursor keys SPACE or I J K L M SPACE to control the game.

You need a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, (non-legacy) Edge or Safari to play it.


Use to build it.

Go version 1.14 is needed because of WASM support. Although syscall/js is available from 1.11 on. However the backward compatibility promise does not applies to this package (fortunately, because there was some major simplification between 1.11 and 1.14). This implies that the code may be broken in versions other then 1.14. I try to keep this up-to-date.

What did I learn?

I learned to love channels again!

Debugging was - due to the absence of tools - not a breeze, but the good thing is that the Golang logger logs to the browser console and in case of errors full stack traces are available in the console too.


Also this was my first real WASM project. To make this portable I abstracted the renderer (browser.go) and it is desired to do this for the keyboard handler too.

Golang package size

The resulting WASM binary is ~1.5 MB (gzipped: 460 KB). I used these packages:

package size
log ~400 KB
math/rand ~20 KB
time ? KB (to be measured)

I omitted the log file from the production version so it saves some bytes. Omitting the math/rand packages was not worth it. If you really want you can use something like date.Nanoseconds % len(blocks) to get a random block. Maybe give TinyGo a go for a smaller WASM file?

Source code

Name Type Last modified Size
blocks.go Golang Mar ’20 1.6 kBDownload View
browser.go Golang Mar ’20 2.6 kBDownload View Shell script Mar ’20 178 bytesDownload View
gotris-big.png PNG image Mar ’20 12.4 kBDownload View
gotris-small.png PNG image Mar ’20 6.1 kBDownload View
gotris.css Stylesheet Mar ’20 103 bytesDownload View
gotris.go Golang Mar ’20 4.7 kBDownload View
gotris.html HTML Mar ’20 468 bytesDownload View
gotris.js JavaScript Mar ’20 817 bytesDownload View
gotris.png PNG image Mar ’20 12.4 kBDownload View
gotris.wasm WASM binary Mar ’20 1.5 MBDownload View Zip archive Mar ’20 485.8 kBDownload View
render.go Golang Mar ’20 180 bytesDownload View
tetris.css Stylesheet Oct ’17 2.9 kBDownload View
wasm_exec.js JavaScript Mar ’20 17.3 kBDownload View
15 files 2.1 MB