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Retro Port

A retro-port of the easter-egg in Chromium.

  1. Open Chromium Developers Tools
  2. In the *Network* pane choose 'offline'
  3. Refresh the page

Or type 'chrome://dino' in your address bar. Thanks Alex!

Main screen

It is coded using the When it's done mentality 😀


The implementation was done using reverse engineering of the original sources.


The graphics were ripped from the original and slightly modified. Some sprites were just 1 pixel too high (default size: 24x21 pixels)

Sound effects

The sound effects were recreated analysing the MP3s from the original in Audacity. The code for the three sound effects including the sound effects engine is about ~100 bytes. Which is very small compared to the sound effects from the original; 6, 8 and 10 KB stereo (but left and right were the same) MP3s.

Remarkable fact: it is 10% of the size of the original.